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EEZOX is Proudly Made in the USA

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Product description

EEZOX® Ultimate Gun Care technology is the only CLP+ product. EEZOX® CLEANS, LUBRICATES, PROTECTS FROM CORROSION, FINGER PRINTING and DUST ACCUMULATION while providing a NEW LOOK FINISH!  The advanced technology of molecular structure control provides our unique, proprietary formulation of solvents, synthetic lubricants and rust inhibitors that are processed through EEZOX®'s exclusive reactor resulting in its strong, thin, resilient molecular structure.  Our technology is time tested and successfully used in the harshest environments known to man: deserts, mountains, marine, humid conditions whether military, law enforcement, commercial, competition, recreational shooter or hunter, or the toughest of all, your kid's bike or that cranky rattling garage door chain or hinges!   JUST EEZOX® IT!

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