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"Send bachelors and come heavily armed"

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This item cannot be shipped to DC, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, or Connecticut.

"Send bachelors, and come heavily armed." -Senator Brian Boquist

This is a limited edition "Boogaloo Boom Box" 80% lower, we are only making a limited amount. Made from one of our forged anodized lowers, this Boogaloo Boom Box will make your mission to stay safe during the Big Luau a little easier.

It's been said that the Boogalonians used this engraved lower helped them find shelter on the 219th day of the Big Igloo.

"They knew for when the Large Ice Shelter appeared, and Alphabet Soup boys roamed the earth, that the Boogaloo Boom Box would keep them safe."

-Boogalations 7:13


12-12-2019 06:19
excellent! Tough and great quality material!
Carl Zucc
27-06-2019 02:33
Great piece! Planning to buy another soon!
27-06-2019 00:23
Outstanding piece of equipment! Wouldn’t Boogaloo without it!
The boojahadeen
26-06-2019 22:34
I was going to start my boogaloo today... I would have given this 5 stars, but now I have to wait for a new Lower to ship to me so I can boogaloo with a boogaloo boom box so I only give it 3... next week though ... the alphabet bois betta watch out!

Ps: this is a joke FBI, ATF — don’t shoot my dog, bro.
4.5 stars based on 4 reviews

Product specifications

Material: 7075 T6
Manufacture Process: Forged
Platform: AR15
Trigger Guard: Standard Open
Finish: Anodized with engravings
Magwell: Broached

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