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"Send bachelors and come heavily armed"

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Product description

This is our Limited Edition Boogaloo AR15 custom engraved lower. 


12-12-2019 06:19
excellent! Tough and great quality material!
Carl Zucc
27-06-2019 02:33
Great piece! Planning to buy another soon!
27-06-2019 00:23
Outstanding piece of equipment! Wouldn’t Boogaloo without it!
The boojahadeen
26-06-2019 22:34
I was going to start my boogaloo today... I would have given this 5 stars, but now I have to wait for a new Lower to ship to me so I can boogaloo with a boogaloo boom box so I only give it 3... next week though ... the alphabet bois betta watch out!

Ps: this is a joke FBI, ATF — don’t shoot my dog, bro.
4.5 stars based on 4 reviews

Product specifications

Material: 7075 T6
Manufacture Process: Forged
Platform: AR15
Trigger Guard: Standard Open
Finish: Anodized with engravings
Magwell: Broached

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