Cadex - CDX-MC Kraken Multi-Caliber (338 Lapua, 27" Barrel) (KIT)

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This rifle is in-stock at our YUMA RETAIL Location. It can be purchased online or in-store.

Cadex Defence
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Product description

  • This rifle is made by Cadex Defence. 

    Cadex is known for their high-end sniper rifles used by military's around the world.  This rifle is their 6.5cm, .338 Lapua iteration of their Kraken rifle system.

  • This rifle comes with everything you need to run their multi-caliber system in 6.5cm and .338 Lapua and is capable of a running additional calibers.    

    This rifle is currently in stock and located at our Yuma retail location.  If you wish to purchase this rifle, it can be purchased in-store or online.   

    If you wish to purchase it online, please send an email to: [email protected]

  • The CDX-MC KRAKEN®, is a multi-caliber rifle using an innovative (patent pending) barrel change system. This multi-caliber system features the lowest shift of point of impact between takedown and reassembly of the same barrel on the market. Cadex CDX-MC uses a traditional barrel to action threading system while incorporating a special tool designed to unscrew and torque its barrel from the breech side. A single screw secures the chassis detachable base for a fast conversion between short and long action calibers. Maintaining the same P.O.I. is critical at extreme range and the Kraken® surpass any other multi-caliber system on the market.
  • Cerakote Coating: HSB
  • Barrels- 1:Cadex Defence 338 Lapua 27" Barrel 2: Kraken Multi-Cal 6.5 Creedmoor, 24" barrel
  • Kraken Tool Kit
  • Kraken Bolt Body, Type B (260, 6.5, 308), Round Bolt Knob (D)
  • BlackMag .308Win SA DSSF 10 RND
  • Trigger-DX2 Evo Selectable Single/Double Stage: The Cadex DX2 Evo trigger is a Double Stage Trigger capable to be rapidly converted into a Single Stage Trigger by its operator. Its trigger pull weight can be easily adjusted between 1.5 to 2.5 lbs. If you haven’t figured yet if you prefer a Single Stage or Double Stage Trigger, you can’t go wrong with the DX2 Evo.
  • Reverse folding butt stock offers bolt handle protection and ultra compact transport.
  • Multiple magazine sleeves are available to fit most magazine types on the market.
  • Grip- Finger grooved rubberized Ergo grip.
  • Trigger Guard-Oversized trigger guard and magazine release for easy manipulation with gloves.
  • Full Length Top Rail 


This rifle system comes with the following items:


-Rifle Case

-6.5Creedmoor Barrel (24")

-Short action Bolt (For the 6.5CM barrel)

-Action block to run the short action system

-Short action magazine

-.338 Lapua Barrel (27")

-Long Action Bolt (.338 Lapua bolt) 

-Long Action Magazine

-6.5 Muzzle Brake

-338 Muzzle Brake

-Cadex Tool Kit for changing the barrel.  







Product specifications

California Compliant: YES
Barrel Length: 338 Lapua, 27" Or 6.5 Creedmoor, 24"
Safety: Lever Safety
Caliber: 338 Lapua Or 6.5 Creedmoor
Action: Bolt Action
Sights: None, Rail Mount
Condition: New

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