Dimitri’s new spot

Dimitri’s new spot

I am fed up with social media, so I am going to start posting all my nonsense here.

So there I was, minding my own business. I had deactivated my Facebook account, as I do periodically, about a week prior. But, seeing some of the hilarious memes that were coming out of the election was just too tempting, so I go to log in and reactivate my account. Low and behold — I somehow got a Facebook ban whilst deactivated. Not sure how that works but it got me thinking, “why am I spending any part of my time on a platform that clearly hates my (and people of the same political persuasions as me) guts.

So, I do a little search for alternative platforms, and none are that appealing really. A part of me is actually pretty happy about all this because social media is such a waste of life it’s unreal. That part starts growing — yup, screw social media.

But, I still would like an outlet to post all my nonsensical bullshit and all edge no point memes. And well, since FU has this blog, and it’s not really been being used that much, why don’t I just post it there? Yup. That’s the new plan.

if you’d like to keep up with my inane ramblings and incoherent screechings, this will be its new home. I mean, until my co-workers decide they’ve had enough of it. (Love you guys)

On another note, if you are a member of that particular  “not a gun group,” (wink wink) let everyone know where I’ll be.

Sooooo... here I am. I am Dimitri, and I’m taking over this blog now. Well, at least some of it.


(the opinions expressed are mine and not the businesses) 


  1. Phill Phill

    Yes, you are welcome at Parler. Add me if you wish, @rhynerp. Thank you for your service and for your fight!

  2. Dick Big Rick Dick Big Rick

    Check out Parlor, they don't censor their users like the Scukerbergs do. Not a great platform, yet not the worst either.

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