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"2020 is the best year ever." -Absolutely Everybody

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This item cannot be shipped to DC, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, or Connecticut.

"2020 is the best year ever." -Absolutely Everybody

This is a limited edition "2020" 80% lower, we are only making a limited amount. Made from one of our forged anodized lowers, featuring 2020's favorite characters Ken, Karen, Kyle, and a smidge of the Kung-Flu.

If you are one of the 99.99999999999999999999999999999% who survived the China Plague, survived the riots, and survived the great toilet paper rush with a clean butt, this is the commemorative lower for you.

When your grandchildren ask what you did during the 2020 meme war, you can show them this lower with pride. As one of the very few who survived the American Apocalypse, you deserve to have this commemorative piece in your collection.


If you want to make sure your frame is 100% legal when building it, be sure and read the link below this paragraph. We highly encourage checking out the information in the link below so that you don't accidentally break California law when building your firearm.

California Serialization Requirements: Click Here


Product specifications

Material: 7075 T6
Manufacture Process: Forged
Platform: AR15
Trigger Guard: Standard Open
Finish: Black Anodized
Magwell: Broached

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